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Obsessions of the Week....

There's nothing better than a snowstorm for catching up with all of the splendid distractions lurking around the house, especially when feeling too yucky to clean. Granted, I am really ready for this both the cold in my head and the cold outside to go away.

First news... I am building a myspace page ( mostly to keep a list of bands that I like. While some of them are the usual suspects (U2, Green Day, Nickelback, etc.), it also has a list of quirkly local bands that are really good. MC and I have taken to cruising the local rock bar scene on date nights and I am contantly surprised at how vibrant the local music scene really is. Granted, some of the best places to listen to music are the biggest dives. TT the Bear's in Cambridge is a complete dive but tends to get bands just before they hit it big.

Other great distractions of the week:
Movies - Borat hit video and is very funny but very wrong. I am curious about whether it actually translates well enough to be funny elsewhere. It has to be one of the most biting satires out there about American society.
C.H.U.D. - How can you go wrong with canabalistic humanoid underground dwellers? Of course, the screenplay is awful. It is fully worthy of the MST3K treatment someday.
300 - The Good -- David Wenham and Gerard Butler as very delicious looking Spartans, The Bad -- Those patriotic speeches (yech), The Ugly - orcs masquerading as Persians (did the movie makers really have to do that?).

It has been a seriously excellent week for books...
Living Buddha, Living Christ (Thich Naht Han) - the perfect book for a nice long plane flight and one of the best books that I have ever read. It is the ultimate in ecumenical reading and one of the best practical guides to pacifism that I have ever read. He has written several books in English and writes with beauty and clarity. Peace is Every Step (Thich Naht Han) is also an excellent book and a surpirsingly quick read.

Finally, MC got me to watch lonelygirl15 over on youtube and it is oddly fascinating. Danielbeast is such a mentsh. It has given me some definite ideas for low budget web casting.
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