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Happy New Year - The New Year's Resolution Alternative

This year for New Year's Eve I am going to share a custom of mine that my mom suggested and that actually works. Instead of a New Year's resolution that gets broken during the first winter illness in February, I make a list of things that I would really love to accomplish in the future. It doesn't have to be doable in a year and it only includes things that really really would make life richer, more meaningful and fun. "Should do but don't want to do" items don't belong on this list. Think big - more things are possible than you realize. My mom and her old boss both put save the rain forest on their lists. Two years later (in 1997), two million acres of rain forest were donated to the Venezuelan government as part of a national park in her name. It is a stream on consciousness exercise so just list things as you think of them. What you will find is that the things that mean the most will migrate to the top of the list.

So, on to my list in no particular order:

1. Go to grad school.

2. Be a better, more loving and more understanding spouse.

3. Be a better mother. I've discovered that motherhood is always a work in progress.

4. Be a better friend (write more of those letters, emails and journal entries, too).

5. Be a better sister. I am blessed with such a cool brother and such cool sisters. :)

5. Write a book.

6. Complete a screenplay. I don't even really care if it sells. I just want to have finished one.

7. Become involved in local politics and make a difference. (This is a corollary to one I had a couple of years ago about making a difference in church. That's how I ended up overseeing a Sunday School.)

8. Launch a business and get it to survive 5 years. It would be cool to create a few jobs myself.

9. Become really fluent in another language. Italian is such a beautiful language and I really want to know it better. Pick up a rudimentary knowledge of another language (probably Cantonese). I can't let those tones beat me.

10. Finish a triathlon.

11. Find a big world problem and fix it.

12. Act in a play. This one will probably happen in February.

13. Get back involved in the food pantry.

14. Finally, my travel wish list: go to Croatia and visit Jereeza (that Dalmatian coast looks so cool), visit figgy in Honduras and cifataru's step-dad-in-law in Belize, visit Italy again and go to Venice and Assisi, see the pyramids in Egypt, go to Antarctica, go to Australia, walk the Spanish pilgrimage route, see Mont St. Michelle in France, go to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, ride the Trans-Siberian Express. Obviously, all of this will take several years.

That's it for now. If you've read this far, go write your own list. Just make sure that each thing on it is something you really want to do and think big. What you'll find if you do this is that doors will open and opportunities will happen that you never expected.

Happy New Year!

(p.s. It seems to be working for sui-degeneris, too.

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